I’ve been a member of this website for almost two years and finally thought I should give it some recognition. Becoming a member is easy and extremely beneficial. Basically you get free goodies and boxes to try things and tell what you think! win for everyone!! I highly recommend joining. You earn points by giving reviews on websites and taking fun surveys about your interests to give insight of what boxes they should send you. It’s a great site and thing to be involved in. I just received a pair of dr.scholls insoles to review and I love them! never thought i would need them but they work wonders when im wearing my boots for the wintertime. Sorry this is such a long post haha just thought I would share my great experience and hopefully encourage you guys to join! 🙂


Little nail art collection

Little nail art collection

Preview of my nail art collection, working on getting something better to store it in so it’s more organized. Also made a purchase from Maytheps, I would recommend checking them out. They have tons of great nail products.

Elf haul!

Elf Complete Coverage Concealer in Light- The packaging of the concealer is beautiful. For some reason I’m just obsessed with the design of the studio line products. The compact includes a small mirror, 4 different tones of light concealer, and a very small and thin concealer brush. As usual, the brush provided isn’t the one you want to use. I found that this product is too light for my skin, I should have tried the medium shades. However the product itself isn’t very pigmented. The color just doesn’t show up for some reason. and it seems a bit oily. The coverage for this is very very light, it almost doesn’t do anything for blemishes. As you can see from the picture, you can’t see the colors of the concealer very well, I had to rub my finger in each concealer pot a bunch of times just to get that little pay off. I would not recommend this product for someone trying to conceal any kind of blemish.

Elf haul!

Elf Studio cream eyeliner in Black- Includes a tiny eyeliner brush. The container is pretty small but contains quite a bit of product. The eyeliner is smooth and goes on fairly thick. It doesn’t smear or wipe off easily once it’s dried. The product is kind of thick, so i recommend using a thinner eyeliner brush than the one provided. The color is very pigmented and you don’t need to reapply to get a darker look.

These oil blotting sheets have been my favorite since first receiving them. The little package comes with 50 thin sheets made to absorb the oil from your face, while keeping your makeup intact. I have pretty oily skin and just dabbing a sheet over the shiny areas of my face really gives it a matte look. I definitely recommend these to anybody dealing with oily skin throughout the day, this will come in handy!

Elf haul!

ELF Studio single eyeshadow in Saddle- Cute, sleek packaging, somewhat smaller than I expected. Not a matte color! When I bought this I was expecting a kind of matte brown to wear everyday, however this has shimmer to it. It’s more pigmented on the eye lid when applied with your finger, rather than a brush. This also avoids fall out from the shadow. I love the color though. It shimmery but still subtle and can be worn daily.

Elf haul!

Elf Studio Pressed Powder in Sand- The packaging is very sleek and smooth and compact. It has a mirror as well as a sponge. I always apply my powder over my foundation. My skin is very oily, so I have been searching for a good powder to keep my oil under control. The color of the powder doesn’t stand out enough to make a difference on your skin, as far as coverage goes. I noticed that my skin got noticeably oily throughout the day (more than usual) when using this powder. It feels nice on the skin and gives a good matte finish but doesn’t stand up well to very oily skin.

Elf haul!

Matte lip color in Natural- one of my favorite elf products that i have received so far. The packaging is very modern looking and sleek. The lip jumbo sized lip pencil is retractable and very easy to apply. It’s the perfect natural/pink color to wear daily! The color is matte but doesn’t give your lips the look of dryness and it also feels light on the lips when it’s being worn. Love it!